05 Jul 2023

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Local Economic Development


Cedos and the Western NIS Enterprise Fund are announcing a grant competition for amalgamated territorial communities (ATCs) to create or renovate community building centers. The main goal is involvement (participation) and development of communities by uniting people, communicating, supporting each other, participating in impactful initiatives of the community, and planning for the future together. The centers should be fully accessible spaces.

Community building centers are physical spaces where various social groups will gather for leisure activities, educational programs, community development, and cooperation. They can be stand-alone buildings or part of other public facilities, such as administrative centers, hubs, libraries, cultural centers, etc.

The grant amount is UAH 1,000,000, and it meant to cover two components:

1) physical creation (arrangement) or renovation of community building centers,

2) various programs and substantial activities that shape centers’ schedule.

Western NIS Enterprise Fund will allocate funds for 10 grants at the first stage of the program. The winning ATCs will also receive advisory support from experts in architecture, culture, communications, and social interaction. The program is being implemented by the Cedos think tank.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine has shown how united Ukrainian society can be while fighting against the enemy. Our task is to preserve this cohesiveness, though aimed at the development of communities, their reconstruction or restructuring, and at increasing the level of people’s involvement in important community processes. Thus, the development of community building centers – thriving and inclusive ones – is one of the ways to achieve this result,” comments Iryna Ozymok, Local Economic Development Program Manager at Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

“The nation’s development is impossible without trust, understanding and solidarity between people. These fragile feelings are built through the experience of joint action and attention to each other’s needs. That is why it we should have open, inclusive spaces where locals can come to communicate with each other, engage in civic and volunteer activities, learn and dream about the future,” says Ivan Verbytskyi, Cedos Think Tank Director.

Applications are accepted from public or charitable organizations that partner local authorities. Projects must be implemented in communities with up to 100 thousand citizens and must be co-financed by at least 20%. Projects related to commercial, politic or religious purposes will not be considered.


Application deadline is 23:59 on July 23, 2023.

Deadlines for project implementation: September 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024.

Additional information and application files are available on the Cedos and Western NIS Enterprise Fund websites.

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