In August 2016, the Fund has allocated $120,000 for 4 projects to be implemented by the municipal institution of Mykolaiv Development Agency in the following areas:

– investment attractiveness of Mykolaiv

– urban planning

– cooperation with civil society

– creation of public space for the city residents

After 2 months of running implementation projects some transformational changes were achieved.

In particular, we can witness implementation of a project “Resource Center for Public Organizations”, whose main objective is to create a tool for realizing citizens’ initiatives and attracting resources to accomplish them. At the moment, 78 consultations have been held on, 8 projects have been implemented and 5 are still on the go. They’re followed by the unprecedented Ukrainian project on waste separation in schools, with PepsiCo as a general partner. A project on laying out a recreation area with a stage in the neighborhood “Yalty” is on its way to accomplishment.

Jaroslawa Z. JohnsonPresident and CEO of Western NIS Enterprise Fund, underlined: “Mykolaiv is a city with a huge economic, educational and touristic potential. Our Fund supported Mykolaiv Development Agency in order to help unleash its potential by implementing 4 transformational projects. And the today’s results convince us, that we’ve made the right choice. We call upon donors and international organizations to join in supporting the development of the city on different levels”.

Negotiations with the British Embassy in Ukraine, Department of Investment Raising under Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and other participants started within the framework of the project “Investment Passport of Mykolaiv” on the matter of introducing the investment passport in presentation portfolio of these organizations. It is paralleled by the active cooperation with PPV Knowledge Networks on creation of the investment passport, which is currently at the final stage of filling.

Olexandr SenkevychMykolaiv Mayor, noted: “Despite our day-to-day affairs and issues, the development of the city is a priority. With the current support of Western NIS Enterprise Fund, we have achieved sustainable results from cooperation with civil society to improving the investment attractiveness of the city. These results shape a new face of the city – powerful, able to assert itself and give investors and its residents what they need. I believe that Mykolaiv will be a role-model city, a good example of development for the whole country to follow”.

An urban project “Organizing of Creative Space” is now being strenuously implemented: its team is busy with getting funds for the opening of an institution, studying successful experience of similar projects in other cities of Ukraine, exploring public opinion of the city residents and needs of society in the development of such an institution.

Iryna Ozymok, Manager of Local Economic Development Program of Western NIS Enterprise Fund commented: “Western NIS Enterprise Fund supports projects, which are focused on fixing city issues and uniting citizens and local community to take an active part in initiating changes. Mykolaiv Development Agency is committed to this principle. Moreover, it is a pilot project that has got a potential of becoming a role-model for other cities of Ukraine”.

The fourth project, financed upon terms of the Fund, is “Reconstruction of Mykolaiv’s City Center”, particularly Soborna street and Soborna square. Such events as Mykolaiv Urban Days, City Workshop have taken place during the implementation of the project, with the Soborna Square Open Idea Contest being currently held. This project is realized in partnership with the CANactions School for Urban Studies.

Vasyl Goshovsky, Director of Mykolaiv Development Agency: “We, the team of Mykolaiv Development Agency, believe in our city and do our best for it. Owing to our efforts and support of international partners the potential of Mykolaiv is talked about in different cities of Ukraine and even abroad. We believe this is a good sign, which proves success of our first steps towards sustainable development of the city, which will put forth its full potential in all spheres of its life. Bit by bit we work up to our goal. We still have a lot to do but we have already set the stage”.