Vitaliy Bigdai photo

Vitaliy Bigdai

Vitaliy Bigdai photo
Direct Investment and SME Development Director

Vitaliy leads Direct Investment and SME Development Program, under which Ukraine-Moldova American Enterprise Fund implements initiatives focused on various SME development activities, including export promotion, business and technical training, consulting services, access to credit, and equity finance.

Vitaliy served as an economist and analyst in several research and analytical centers. In particular, he was the senior analyst at the International Centre for Policy Studies, an independent think tank involved in developing and analyzing Ukraine’s public policy. He also worked as a financial analyst with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, coordinating the World Bank’s finance and private sector development programs.

In addition, Vitaliy worked as an assistant consultant to the first deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Economic Policy Committee. He has extensive experience in research and analysis, and developing policies that promote public interests and create favorable market conditions.

Vitaliy holds a master’s degree in economics from Washington University and a master’s degree in economic theory from Kyiv Mohyla Academy. He lectured courses on international economics and banking for students of master’s degree program in economics at Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

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