27 Jul 2021

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Local Economic Development

DREAMactions 4.0 Small Grants Competition Kicks Off! Qualitative Changes Do Not Require a Lot of Money

CANactions School and Western NIS Enterprise Fund, which supports reforms promotion and transformation projects in Ukraine, announce the 4th DREAMactions Small Grants Competition.

DREAMactions 4.0 aims to support communities on their way to transformation and development by providing them with microgrants and an educational component.


“There is a common stereotype that changefocused projects could be carried out only with substantial funds. However, three previous competitions prove that the most important thing is community involvement. Therefore, for the fourth time, we will provide ATC not only with microfinancing but also with skills and knowledge on how to build teams, cooperate with the authorities, ensure efficiency and search partners for further development of their communities,” noted Iryna Ozymok, WNISEF Local Economic Development Program Manager.


The results of three previous DREAMactions Competitions:

814 projects applied,

22 winners selected,

total grants amount – UAH 1,578,363.


Taking prior experience into account, DREAMactions 4.0 introduced the following innovations:

  • aims at legal entities, registered in small and medium (50-100,000 citizens) cities ( sole proprietors, public utilities providers) and NGOs;
  • calls for cooperation between communities and local authorities (acknowledged by a letter of endorsement) as well as for joint financing (free-form letters);
  • focuses on – microprojects of tactical urbanism;
  • provides all participants with an educational component to improve their project implementation.


The selection of projects is quite complex and presupposes two stages.

After completing the educational component, the expert-supervised teams will be able to refine their ideas and pitch them during the second stage of selection.


The invited Competition experts are leading professionals in various fields – finance, communication, urban planning, and economics. They will help teams improve their project offers and ensure efficiency on the spot.



The Competition provides each of the five winners with grants up to UAH 100,000.


A mandatory condition for the budget of the applied projects is joint financing, which must be at least 30% of the total budget. The amount of the grant application is calculated as follows = total budget – joint financing. The joint financing can be sourced from the local budget, raised with the support of business partners, or through community involvement.


Application deadline: September 24, 2021 (6:59PM, Kyiv time).


The list of the selected projects will be announced on October 8, 2021

The educational component will be carried out during October 11-22, 2021

The projects will have been implemented by June 2022.




Read more info and Competition terms at:



[email protected]



DREAMactions 4.0 Small Grants Competition is organized by CANactions School and Western NIS Enterprise Fund, which supports reforms promotion and transformation projects in Ukraine

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