27 Jul 2022

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Local Economic Development

International Mayors Summit Supports “The United” Project, Which Boosts The “Teach Ukrainian” Initiative in The Regions

With support of the Summit, “The United” project has kickstarted a powerful network of conversation clubs throughout Ukraine and signs Memorandums of cooperation with city mayors and heads of amalgamated territorial communities.

“The leaders of Ukrainian cities and communities are responsible for safety of their residents during military operations, whereas language support is a strategic component of cultural security. Actively informing the community about the “United” project and helping build a network of conversation clubs in the various regions of Ukraine can significantly contribute to the cultural resistance. Moreover, given the number of IDP’s in the country, it is also a rally up hotspot for Ukrainians,” noted Iryna Ozymok, Local Economic Development Program Manager of Western NIS Enterprise Fund and founder of the International Mayors Summit.

Organized by Western NIS Enterprise Fund, International Mayors Summit brings together prominent mayors from throughout the world, the business community, international organizations representatives and civil society to discuss solutions, innovations, best practices and Ukrainian cities’ success stories in various spheres. The event connects mayors and experts from the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, UK, UAE, Albania, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Germany.


Three months since its launch “The United” project has achieved the following:


“The United” has embraced 14 cities and ATC: Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Rivne, Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Tulchyn, Shepetivka, Uzhhorod, Chernivtsi.


250 volunteers, 50 teachers, 700 people covered 90 conversation clubs. “The United” project helped 17 thousand participants make Ukrainian their first language.


The goal of “The United” project is to help 1 million people switch to Ukrainian by the end of 2024!

Organizers:  The “Teach Ukrainian” initiative and NGO “Ukrainian Humanitarian Platform” represent various public NGOs that have united to popularize the Ukrainian language. Project is supported by the State Language Protection Commissioner.

Project partners: Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Kyiv City Center for Gender Equality, Prevention, and Counteraction to Violence, EdEra online education studio, E-Mova online platform, Ukrainian-Polish Education Center “UniverPL”.

Benefactors and volunteers: Artur Proydakov, Svitlana Royz, Daria Soroka, Ihor Hvorostianyi, Andrii Panchenkov, Yana Pekun, Viktor Buriachok, Svitlana Velyka, Oleksandr Shabanov.

Project ambassadors: Marichka Padalko, Solomiia Vitvitska, Pavlo Vyshebaba, Irena Karpa, Svitlana Royz, Yevhen Klopotenko, Yuliia Yanchar, Irena Karpa, Anna Trincher, Alina Shamanska, Nastia Zukhvala.

The list is open to join.



“The United” call center: +380509270544

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