04 Jan 2024

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Launching the Strategic Changes Support Office Together With WNISEF

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, supported by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), which implements reform initiatives and transformational projects in Ukraine, is opening a Strategic Changes Support Office. The project was implemented as part of the joint efforts with the NGO Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine.

The Strategic Changes Support Office is primarily a team designed to provide expert and analytical support to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in implementing medium- and long-term reforms amidst war and during post-war recovery.

This initiative serves as one of the examples of partnerships for Ukraine’s education and science at the strategic level, built to change the quality of education.

“The launch of the Strategic Changes Support Office addresses the need for systemic modernization of the education and science spheres to be competitive and provide opportunities for human capital growth in Ukraine in the medium and long terms. WNISEF supports this crucial stage in the development of the Ukrainian educational system, as we believe that high-quality education will facilitate Ukraine’s human capital and its leadership in innovation and scientific progress,” noted Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO of WNISEF.

Today, we face challenges not only in rebuilding the destroyed institutions, but largely in complete and holistic modernization and transformation of the education system and scientific sphere. This will yield a positive impact on the development of human capital in Ukraine, the return of our people from abroad, and will eventually boost economics.

“The main purpose of education is to prepare a person for tomorrow. That is why the education and science system must be incessantly improved to catch up with the modern dynamic world. Our key goal today is a comprehensive transformation that will help Ukraine improve its human capital and strengthen the state as a whole. I am grateful to our partners for their consistent support and investment in the development of Ukrainian education and science,” said Oksen Lisovyi, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine.

To develop, Ukraine needs to have fully modernized and innovative education – the education of winners, willing to lead scientific progress.

The Office objectives:

  • Support the process of developing and implementing strategic changes in education and science, as well as introducing effective tools for internal transformations.
  • Support the development of regulatory basis necessary for the implementation of key strategic changes in education and science.
  • Coordinative support for the implementation of changes and non-stop monitoring of the goal achievement.

To launch the Office, the Ministry of Education and Science, supported by its partners, will start recruiting a team and advertising vacancies next week.

Structure of the Office

Head of the Strategic Changes Support Office

Team of strategic analysts

Legislative and policy-making team

Implementation and monitoring coordination team

HR manager

Communication manager

Contact us if you are ready to join the team and implement reforms!

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