14 Feb 2022

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Lviv IT Cluster Launches an All-Ukrainian Tech Industry Study – IT Research Ukraine

Lviv IT Cluster is expanding the IT Research project, which since 2015 has been conducting a comprehensive study and analysis of the Lviv IT market. In 2021, for the first time, the project had scaled beyond the region and studied the tech industry of Ivano-Frankivsk. Now IT Research is becoming a large all-Ukrainian study – IT Research Ukraine, covering 24 regions of the country. For the first time in Ukraine, 14,000 IT specialists will be surveyed within the research.

The IT Research Ukraine project aims to comprehensively study the IT industry in Ukraine following a verified methodology, which has been improving over the past six years. The research will form a detailed picture of the country’s IT industry and identify the characteristics of each region. The results of IT Research Ukraine will provide high-quality unified analytics that will allow to clearly understand the vector of the industry development in each region, identify priority areas for business in the near future and build better interaction between government, companies, international funds, and investors.


The IT market in Ukraine is growing and developing, raising interest inside and outside the country, creating demand for market analysis. However, few of the currently available market reviews can provide a systematic and scientific approach. Most of them are often brief and not profound industry reports, using data from open sources and registers. Such reviews may be enough for a general understanding but insufficient to form a more holistic picture of the IT industry, particularly regarding each country region.


“IT Research Ukraine is not just an overview of the country’s IT market. Its main value is in conducting a detailed study of the industry in all 24 regions of the state. The results of the study will show each region in detail, which will allow to compare the data of each region and point out the tendencies indicating the need to unite regions into larger clusters. We will conduct research in each major city of Ukraine using the methodology created by the Lviv IT Cluster team and used for six years in Lviv: only a representative sample and the data always verified with several research methods. IT Research Ukraine will survey 14,000 IT specialists. Besides that, we will analyze economic and tax data based on a scientific approach to information verification. This will make IT Research Ukraine the largest industry study ever conducted in Ukraine,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster.


IT Research Ukraine data will be especially relevant due to the adoption of Diia.City – a special legal framework for Ukrainian and foreign companies registered in the country. The study will contain information in the context of each region about:

  • Market structure
  • Company profile
  • IT specialist profile
  • Human capital and the educational ecosystem
  • Tax revenues and investments
  • Economic effect of the industry


The importance and need for comprehensive, systematic information about the IT industry in each region is recognized at the state level. Thus, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine became Lviv IT Cluster partner in the IT Research Ukraine project. The memorandum between Cluster and the Ministry of Digital Transformation has been signed. The results of the analytical report of IT Research Ukraine will be used in further projects of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.


The USAID-funded Competitive Economy Program (CEP) and the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) also support the project. Local IT clusters and IT associations will join the implementation of IT Research Ukraine.


“WNISEF believes in the importance of quality public data and the role it plays in developing sound economic policies and growing the private sector. With our support, the IT Research Ukraine project will address existing market gaps, identify strong points and offer all current and future stakeholders a new perspective and invitation for further investment in one of Ukraine’s fast-growing sectors,” said Jaroslawa Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer at WNISEF.


The results will be announced in February 2023.

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