12 Sep 2018

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For the Second Year, Ukrainian Students Participate in Canada Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Program

For the second year in a row, Ukrainian students have a chance to join the international Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Program, which has recently announced the start of the application process. It is the first Canadian-Ukrainian program of research internships for the Ukrainian students with great scientific potential. In Ukraine, the Program is supported by joint efforts of the Government of Canada, the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, the Canadian non-profit organization Mitacs, and the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko.

Ukraine became the tenth partner country and in the summer of 2018 sent its first 51 students to Canada where they enjoyed the guidance of Canadian university professors and had 12 weeks to conduct researches in various scientific disciplines ranging from Engineering, Technology and Math to Humanities and Social Sciences. Overall, the program brings together about 700 students from around the world.

The Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Program offers not only unique educational experience but also supports building on ties between Ukraine and Canada and integrating Ukraine into the world academic community. We believe that this Program will significantly contribute to the development of science in Ukraine, and will create a talent network that will drive the constructive changes,” noted Roman Tychkivskyy, Economic Leadership Program Manager of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

Canada’s Mitacs Globalink Research Internship is an annual investment of $800,000 in science and innovation in Ukraine and Canada. Each spring professors from Canadian universities submit their scientific projects. These projects presuppose such an element as the applied researches in various fields. Students choose from 3 to 7 projects they want to join on their own, that is why when they arrive in Canada for a 3-month internship, they will get down to what they really care about. A student gains not just a real-life experience but also a chance to find an interesting job in the future, develop a startup, keep on working with a Canadian professor and win a scholarship for getting the Canadian Master’s degree,” said Oleksandr Romanko,  Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Program Coordinator in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko.

This program is administered by Mitacs, a Canadian not-for-profit organization that designs and delivers research and training programs with a focus on STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The STEM education system is implemented in such countries as China, Canada, USA, Australia, and Turkey, where educated staff plays a key role in the sustainable economic growth of these countries. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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