09 Jan 2024

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Ukraine House Davos Opens from Jan 15 – 18, 2024. Program of Events and Speakers: www.UkraineHouseDavos.com

We are delighted to announce that Ukraine House Davos is back in 2024 to shine a spotlight on the continuing indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people and ignite conversations about Ukraine’s triumphant post-war future.

During this week, Ukraine House Davos will be the authoritative platform for those looking to forge global partnerships with Ukraine, offering up expert insight and dialogue on economic opportunity and the current geopolitical situation. Global support and commitment for Ukraine must be galvanized to so that Ukrainians can continue their resolute fight for freedom with defiance and resilience in the face of Russia’s prolonged and escalating invasion.

“As we approach two years of Ukraine’s heroic defense of its territorial integrity, sovereignty and European future, Ukraine House Davos will serve as a convener for business leaders, policymakers, journalists, and thought leaders committed to Ukrainian victory to share insights and collaborate on opportunities that can help forge a free and democratic Ukraine.” said Ulyana Khromyak, Executive Director, Ukraine House Davos.”

She continued. “The world has witnessed the resolve of the Ukrainian people. They will not back down in their fight for freedom and Ukraine House Davos will not back down in our effort to share Ukraine’s story and work to ensure a brighter future for the nation, for Europe, and for the democratic world. We are honored to host authoritative speakers and moderators: high-level Ukrainian officials, top Western government officials, global policy makers, humanitarian activists, international business leaders, and most of all, inspiring Ukrainians who are defending their nation on the frontlines as well as supporting the country’s rebuilding and revitalization. We look forward to welcoming you to Ukraine House Davos in 2024.” Full list and registration at www.UkraineHouseDavos.com.

Ukrainians’ defense of life and freedom is more crucial now than ever, also for Europe, the West and the world. For the second year in a row, Promenade 59 has become a joint space for Ukraine House Davos and “691 Days Deciding Your Tomorrow” Project, which is organized by Victor Pinchuk Foundation and PinchukArtCentre in cooperation with the Office of the President of Ukraine. “691 Days Deciding Your Tomorrow” is an immersive visual and intellectual experience, and space for discussion and debate. An exhibition portraying Ukrainians as they defend freedom, endure losses, and achieve victories. Amid constant threat, it showcases people defiantly living their lives. Combined with an ongoing discussion program, “691 Days Deciding Your Tomorrow” offers a chance to re-visit what is at stake in Ukraine.

Ukraine House Davos is organized by Western NIS Enterprise Fund, Victor Pinchuk Foundation and Horizon Capital, and led by Executive Director, Ulyana Khromyak.

The Ukraine House Davos Organizing Committee is comprised of: Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO, Western NIS Enterprise Fund; Svitlana Grytsenko, Member of the Board, Victor Pinchuk Foundation; and Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO, Horizon Capital.

Ukraine House Davos is made possible this year thanks to our generous sponsors, most notably our Gold Sponsors the Temerty Foundation and Interpipe, as well as our Panel Sponsor Marsh McLennan, and Networking Sponsor Advantage Ukraine.

We invite you to visit our website to register your attendance and to discover more:


Ukraine House Davos will open its doors on Monday, January 15th at 4 pm CET through 9 pm CET on Thursday, January 18th.

You can also follow the event via social media at:

Twitter: @UKRHouseDavos

Facebook: @ukrainehousedavos

Instagram: @Ukraine.House.Davos

LinkedIn: UkraineHouseDavos

YouTube: ukrainehousedavos

Hashtag: #UkraineHouseDavos

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