28 Oct 2022

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Local Economic Development

USAID and WNISEF to award 700 scholarships to study at GlobalLogic, Ciklum and SoftServe IT courses on Prometheus platform

Ukraine’s largest educational platform Prometheus launches affordable IT courses in partnership with IT industry leaders GlobalLogic, Ciklum, and SoftServe. The best graduates will get invitations to the interviews and continue cooperation with the companies. 700 applicants will be able to join the educational programs for free due to scholarships. The project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and WNISEF.

IT is the only sector of Ukrainian economy that grew in the first half of 2022. In the context of war, economic crisis and popularization of remote work, the demand for IT training is constantly increasing. To support Ukrainians and the Ukrainian economy, we have joined forces with the largest IT companies and created accessible interactive online programs that will help everyone go from learning the basics about the industry to getting their first jobs in IT.


The most experienced specialists from GlobalLogic, Ciklum and SoftServe became the instructors of the courses. The curricula were developed in collaboration with employers who understand what new IT professionals need to be able to do. Each participant of the program will also have access to mini-courses “English for beginners in IT” and “How to find the first job in IT”. The best graduates of the courses will get invitations to the interviews and continue cooperation with companies.


Prometheus already has 4 programs available, created in cooperation with the largest IT employers in the country:


Front-end. Full course for beginners from Ciklum

The 13-week course will teach front-end development step by step, from layout to web application creation, for a confident start in IT. During the training, students will perform practical tasks, as well as a course project that can be added to the portfolio.


QA Manual from GlobalLogic

The course provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills sufficient to get a job as a web product testing specialist. It is ideal for a quick start in IT. Manual QA specialist does not need to know programming languages and deep technical knowledge, so it will take only 12 weeks from the beginning of training to get your first job.


Automated software testing from GlobalLogic

Materials are prepared by a lecturer with 11 years of experience. Graduates of the course will gain knowledge sufficient for the position of QA Auto. Subject to diligent completion of the course and completion of all tasks, students will be able to apply for their first job in 11 weeks.


Web Application Development in Ruby by SoftServe

The course will help to master programming based on one of the most promising technologies in the IT industry. During 12 weeks of training, students will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills that will help build a career as a Ruby Software developer.


700 applicants will be able to join the educational programs free of charge thanks to scholarships from USAID and WNISEF.


“Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, more than 5 million Ukrainians have lost their jobs. In families where men went to the front, women have to look for additional income. For WNISEF, supporting women’s entrepreneurship and leadership is a priority.


Therefore, WNISEF scholarships are aimed specifically at women who have become internally displaced persons, have their homes destroyed, and are volunteers in order to help them “get back on their feet” and give a chance for a decent future after the victory of Ukraine!”, said Iryna Ozymok, Head of the Local Economic Development Program of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund.


The following persons can apply for free training:

1) Ukrainian women affected by the war;

2) Ukrainian men and women who left the temporarily occupied territories and were registered there as of 24.02.2022;

3) Ukrainian men and women who received the status of internally displaced persons or the right to temporary protection outside of Ukraine after 24.02.2022;

4) servicemen who participate in the Russian-Ukrainian war or were participants of the ATO/JFO/Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as their family members (parents, spouses, children).


Those who have suffered from the war, but do not fall into these categories, can also apply: such students will be enrolled subject to availability.


To apply for the scholarship program, you need to pass the first academic week of the course you are interested in, as well as fill out the application form until November 4.

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