15 Sep 2022

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Want to speak Ukrainian? Now it’s even easier to start! Western NIS Enterprise Fund supports The United project

Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) has supported The United project aimed to ease the transition to the Ukrainian language. Since April the project has been actively implemented by the Teach in Ukrainian initiative.

Thanks to the WNISEF support, The United project by the Teach in Ukrainian initiative will be able to:

– make original course outline for A1 and A2 levels and certify participants after completing the course;

– hold a live stream YouTube forum “Ukrainian is the language of victory” with celebrities and opinion leaders;

– create sound clips with celebrities, doctors, and military for the radio broadcasts as part of the “Speak Ukrainian – advance the victory!” information campaign;

– build a powerful community and help 1 million Ukrainians to make Ukrainian the language of communication by the end of 2024.

“Support of Ukrainian is a strategically important element of the development of education and national identity in general. The United project proves that language is a unifying basis for communities, which serve as an essential resource in reconstruction. Thanks to various forms of interaction, I mean conversation clubs in particular, new micro-communities are being formed, having a potential to become change-makers throughout Ukraine,” noted Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO of Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

“The United project is 28 days of support in the transition to Ukrainian. Our project members claim the main reason for switching to Ukrainian is to get rid of everything hostile, they do not want to identify themselves with the enemy. Our mottos at the key events always sound in Ukrainian. Ukrainians have a unique tool – their language. This tool helps us unite and protect our cultural front line,” says Natalia Fedechko, Head of The United project and Co-Founder of the Teach in Ukrainian initiative.

The promising record of The United project: 30,000 participants used the course to make Ukrainian the language of their everyday communication.

25 cities and communities, 108 teachers, 300 volunteers, 30 celebrities and bloggers joined The United project. Now it boasts 90 conversation clubs with 1500 visitors.

The goal of The United project is to help 1 million people switch to Ukrainian by the end of 2024!

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