15 Jun 2023

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Innovation, Education, and Entrepreneurship

Moldova Innovation Awards Held in Chisinau

On June 15th,2023 the Moldova Innovation Gala celebrated and honored the best in innovation by IT and creative companies, startups, corporate innovators, and game-changing companies in the Republic of Moldova. The nominations for these awards were meticulously evaluated by a panel of nine top international and Moldovan experts.

The response to the Moldova Innovation Awards was overwhelming, with 55 applications received from 41 unique companies. It is worth noting that 33 of these companies are residents of the Moldova Innovation Technology Park, showcasing the thriving tech ecosystem in the country.

The esteemed jury faced a challenging task in assessing the abundance of innovation showcased by these companies. Their dedication and expertise played a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and value of these awards.

At the Award Gala Event, five winners were announced. The country representative of Moldova at WNISEF, Stella Jemna, awarded the Impactful Initiative of the Year to Fagura, a fintech company. She stated that the true source of a country’s power lies in its ability to continuously push the boundaries of innovation.

In other four categories, the winners were Salt Edge for the most innovative product, FusionWorks for the special prize of the jury, Bloomcoding as the Rising STARtup, and Omnis for the best service innovation. Each of these companies demonstrated exceptional innovation in their respective fields.

This event was supported by a few strategic partners including Western NIS Enterprise Fund. The Western NIS Enterprise Fund, as a regional investment and development fund, remains committed to supporting and championing the aspirations of innovative companies. They stand ready to enable the realization of transformative ideas, ensuring that Moldova continues to thrive as a hub of innovation.

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