26 Jan 2017

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Local Economic Development

Mykolaiv Development Agency and Western NIS Enterprise Fund presented the materials for potential investors in the city companies

The city authorities of Mykolaiv presented a set of materials to potential investors of the city enterprises. Information-analytical package “Invest in Mykolaiv” was developed by the Mykolaiv Development Agency at the commission of the City Council with the financial support of Western NIS Enterprise Fund. It includes information materials for investors and ready-made business-cases – specific investment projects of the city.

According to Mykolaiv Mayor Olexandr Senkevych, those presented materials are the tools of modern Mykolaiv, which is open for business: “Mykolaiv used to be a closed city, but those days are gone now. Today we are building a new system of city management at all levels. Some changes are yet impossible to feel, but some are already easily seen. Let’s take our new investment certificate as an example. It is designed to show benefits and opportunities of our city, which has extraordinary human assets, a unique location, an opportunity for growth and a reputation of a reliable partner. We give thanks to Western NIS Enterprise Fund for their faith in Mykolaiv’s potential and for their valuable contribution to the future development of our city. ”

Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO of Western NIS Enterprise Fund: “We already have an experience of the fruitful cooperation with Mykolaiv city authorities, and we were among the first to support the creation of the city’s Development Agency. Mykolaiv has a great economic potential and the development of its investment certificate is the first important step to attract foreign investments. This is the experience, which is to be shared with other Ukrainian cities. One cannot be deemed as a reliable partner without informative and high-quality presentation of all opportunities to investors. ”

Iryna Ozymok, Local Economic Development Program Manager of Western NIS Enterprise Fund: “Mykolaiv’s case is an example of the cooperation needed for the development of Ukrainian cities. Local authorities have made a vitally important step by creating high-level city investment passport, so now it is crucial to use it in the right way by involving business and Investment Support Office to enforce the investment attractiveness of Mykolaiv. In less than six months we have the fourth project initiated by the Mykolaiv Development Agency and implemented with support of WNISEF”.

Vasyl GoshovskyDirector of Mykolaiv Development Agency: “To create this set of materials we reviewed best Ukrainian and foreign samples, involved foreign experts who provided us with a fact-based assessment of the potential and conditions for the development of some city spheres. We interviewed representatives of more than 100 enterprises, cooperated with departments and offices of the Executive Committee of Mykolaiv City Council. Our efforts resulted in a new chain in the dialogue of business-authorities-public which is a key prerequisite for the successful development”.

Information-analytical package “Invest in Mykolaiv” includes:

● Investment passport of the city of Mykolaiv – brochure “Invest in Mykolaiv”, which comprises statistics about the city, its industrial capacity, and human assets, also zoning plan and description of business cases – specific investment projects;

● Special information cards with a description of the objects open for investment;

● A new promotional video about Mykolaiv;

● Website “Invest in Mykolaiv”, which contains an interactive investment map and gives a chance to review the abovementioned materials online in Ukrainian and English;

● “Mykolaiv Development Agency” team, which will implement the city investment policy and organize the support of investors.

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